If you’re curious about the mineral kingdom, aspire to be a certified healer, or are looking to learn more about yourself, we teach a variety of classes and workshops that will help you to make the world a better place.

We offer core training and continued education in:

– Spiritual and Physical Healing Modalities

– Emotional and Mental Support Specialties

– Personal and Psychic Development

*Course accreditation is available for an extra fee*

Upcoming Workshops:

Living Empowered!

With Elizabeth Tallman

January 15-22, 2023

Being empowered is a state of mind encompassing all aspects of who you are; your relationships, your accomplishments, and your hopes and dreams. Take this fabulous workshop, taught by Elizabeth Tallman, and enjoy a magical weekend of self-discovery!

Other Courses Available by Request

Applied Prosperity: Stones for The Golden Path

If you believe stones have a place in your relationship with the world, and that they can positively impact your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing, why ignore what they can do for you financially? The universe is full of beautiful abundant diversity, let’s change your filters to allow prosperity to flow to you.

Sacred Soil… A Return to The Essential Base

Taught to Tim by his grandmother (a 9th generation apache stone-woman), The Ceremony of Sacred Soil opens you to a world of possibilities; as with spring soil, you will renew. You will leave with your own container of sacred soil, the secret to growing carrots as big as your arm, and the knowledge of how to bless your own internal garden.

Stone Healer Certification Course

A ‘stone healer’ combines the knowledge of ancient healing arts with modern-day research in anatomy and physiology in an effort to treat, and effectively heal individuals in need. This course will give you an understanding of how the body responds to certain stones, minerals, and frequencies, and introduce conceptualized and personalized approaches to healing.

Talisman Certification Class: Jewelry with a Purpose

Let the point at which you begin to feel the stones in your pockets serve as a beautiful reminder of mankinds interconnectedness with Earth. This course will go beyond crafting personalized jewelry, by teaching you to better understand the inner elements of stones, crystals and gems, and how you can use their dormant energies to craft talisman that manifest your personal goals.

Stone Reading: Knowledge to Effect Change

For thousands of years, people have been using cards, bones, and stones as beacons of information, reading them to gather insight on life. This course will teach you about the mineral kingdom’s connection to humankind, and show you how to use stones, layouts, and talismans to navigate and improve your life.

Accelerated Self-Actualization through The Empowerment Process

This course will dive into the 24 layers of consciousness, and the ways in which humanity uses them to cope and bury life’s stresses, trauma, etc, and help you use the empowerment process to work through each layer, clearing negativity and bringing about objective truth.

Psychic Development

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been ‘gifted’ with the ability to perceive beyond the norm? The answer is yes; in truth, we all are. The difference between those who can perceive and sense, and those who ‘can’t’, is a willingness to open your mind and exercise different pathways in your brain. This course will help you identify your innate talents and gifts, and show you how to expand them to improve your reality.

Stones… The Myth, The Magic and the Mystery

For the last 10,000 years, our race has sought to find a spiritual connection — placing faith in things we cannot see, feel, or hear. The ‘myths’ of stones are plenty, but the reasons for their ability to address, heal, and renew energies around us remain a mystery to most. This course will cover the history, mystery, and magic of the ancient art of stones.


There are 75 ‘gifts’ that The Universe has to bestow on humanity; each person has at least one which resides within them, guides them, and in turn, helps them change the world. In finding your gifts and discovering how they fit into your talents, passions, and goals, you find your purpose in The Universe, and become the ‘Super-Human’ you.