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Path Map*

The Success Markers to All Areas of Your Life!

We have many sayings or old wives tales about success or accomplishing something. Being in the “Zone” or “Accomplishing a lot with a little” are examples. Have you ever been in a place that had the right “Vibe” or a place in nature or a church where you “just loved the energy”?

What would it be worth if you could have that “VIBE” or “Energy” any time you wanted, even if you have never felt anything like that before. Within the PATHMAP* are the secrets to you living in the Zone.

This is Material Science not make believe… Unless you think that Albert Einstein Was A Wizard and not a scientist… He said “It is impossible to be in a System (speaking of our planet as that system) and yet separate from it.”

That is not to say that the amazing isn’t available to you… Do you admire any trait?… These stone can bring you to be the amazing version of yourself.

The Knowledge that created the PATHMAP* is 50,000 years old. It is older than the oldest form of spiritual, Zodiac or other metaphysical teaching by over 25,000 years.

The author/editor was taught this by his Grandmother, who was taught by her Grandfather, who was taught this by his Grandmother, who was taught by her Grandfather going all the back into antiquity. It took him seven years to research from the ancient language to modern, then to the scientific and then back to a form that is easy to understand. He originally created this for his students to use in his stone healing class, but after pressure from many people he created it so you could have this ready reference to make your life better.

Directions. THIS PRODUCT COMES TO YOU FOLDED! So, first unfold the map. Go to the month of your birth and put your finger of your right hand on it. Go to the area you want to work on, put your finger of your left hand on it. Bring your fingers together (in a straight line) till they meet over one of the squares in the field. That is the stone you need to influence your life. If you want to create change (not just influence) in your world, you need to carry all three of the stones. That will help you to begin to feel the “ZONE” effect. You continue to carry those three stones until you have achieved the goal you want. Do not try to work on more than two areas at a time otherwise the stones may cancel each other out.

How would You like to be a Super YOU! Take all thirteen of your stones and turn them into a talisman that sits on a piece of Selenite or Granite (near your head at night) and reboot and re-boost yourself every night. OR, have us create a tiara for you to wear at your wedding or any event.

More recipes for phenomenal effects from this chart will be found in his book or from his classes.

*PATHMAP & Path map are registered trade marks, All of this material is copy written and there is a process patent pending on the layout and application of the Pathmap process in both written and digital application format. So, this material may not be photographed, copied, used digitally or otherwise quoted or copied without authorization from the Author/Editor and Publisher.

Nothing in the information is intended to treat or correct any problem that you have. Anything you do with this information is purely your choice. Before you take on any new regiment or treatment always check with a doctor or professional in that field to find out what would be best for you.

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