Agate Geodes | Standing


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All Agates are natural doorways, openings or through ways that stream energy to help you accomplish whatever you need.  In the purest sense, Natural Agate is every bit of this.  Use in combination with any other stone to target your path towards growth.  It can be used with Selenite to amplify the power of the combination and when used with Kyanite it self cleanses as it works.  If you use this stone in inner child work, it helps you gain the perfect peace within the process that you use.

Geodes represent a womb from within the Earth, placing one in an office space manifests energy and creativity into that space. A Geode of Amethyst fills the space with protective and healing energies, while a Blue Calcite Geode will invite clarity and abundance of thought. The energy of the stones in a Geode amplifies exponentially, based on the size of the Geode. All stones sing with a certain voice, together they act as a chorus.


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